Coyotes News · Indian Springs Coyotes Athletics Begin Phase 1 Sports Conditioning

We are very excited to begin phase 1 of sports conditioning in the hopes of leading into regular practices and eventual competition.  We are hopeful this will, at the very least, give our student population something to reconnect them to Indian Springs.  Athletics have been a big part of our culture and with around one-third of our student population usually participating year in and year out, this is a big step towards normalcy.  The school district has set forth guidelines and each site has had to have their plans vetted before any restart can happen.  Our goal is to keep all of our student athletes, coaches, and staff as safe as possible given the current environment.  We are looking forward to getting started. Check-in will begin 330, with Day 1 of conditioning starting at 4pm.  Student athletes need to be athletically cleared before coming to join their teams.  Here are a few links to get your started to get cleared if you haven’t done so already: