AT Clinic Rules

The AT Clinic is a medical healthcare facility, and should be treated as such. Rules posted are put in place to ensure respect, safety, and a student-athletes well-being is maintained at all times.

Athletic Training Clinic Rules

  • SIGN IN to see Athletic Trainer
  • No foul language
  • Athletic Trainer dictates treatments
  • No shoes on the treatment tables
  • Always be respectful of everyone in the Clinic
  • Come dressed appropriately
  • Place belongings on the floor against the cabinets
  • No food or drink in the AT Clinic.
  • If you are NOT getting treatment, wait outside.
  • Always ask permission to use / take anything from the Clinic.

Physicals: Will only be accepted Mondays after school. Please plan accordingly.

Lunch Treatments: All treatments / rehabilitation will be performed at lunch by appointment only.

Taping: Taping will be performed after school for in-season athletes. You must perform rehab in order to get taped continuously.