Concussions Management

Concussions are brain injuries and can be serious and potentially life threatening injuries regardless the sport that is being participated in. Research shows that these injuries can have serious consequences later in life if not diagnosed and managed properly. If a player goes undiagnosed and returns to play before their brain can fully heal, the consequences could be fatal. To combat this injury and create comparable evaluation, management, and treatment throughout the district, San Bernardino City Unified School District – Athletic Trainers, have devised a protocol to that will be used for all High School student-athletes suspected of sustaining a concussion.

Concussions are difficult to diagnose by and may have hidden symptoms, however the athletic trainer may determine (due to physical, cognitive, or communication signs) that further concussion evaluation is necessary. At Indian Springs High School the SCAT 5 and sportsware will be utilized to determine if a possible concussion is present and further diagnosis is needed by a physician*.

*CIF Bylaw 503.H and Ed. Code 49475 require an evaluation and diagnosis of a concussion to come from a Medical Doctor (MD) or a Doctor of osteopathy (DO) only.*

Please note that concussions are unseen injuries and return to play timelines do not follow typical return to participation guidelines. Return to participation in both academics and athletics is important to handle appropriately and in a proper timeline. As many accommodations as possible will be made for your student athlete if they suffer a concussion and I will be more than happy to advocate for your child to ISHS staff if need be. The Athletic Trainer works closely with the school health aide as well as school nurse to ensure that your child is taken care of in school, and after school. Return to participation will be determined by following AB 2127 and CIF bylaws; following a 7-step process to return to play.

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