Getting Cleared for Athletics

How to get Athletically Cleared

**Athletes will not be allowed to tryout, practice, condition, weight lift, or compete in any capacity until the below requirements are fulfilled.**


You need to provide two things to the Athletic Trainer (Mr. Norton) in order to become medically cleared for athletics at Indian Springs High School:

  1. Pre-Participation Exam for Athletics

Pre-Participation Exam (PPE)

Bring a form (linked above) to your primary care physician. Complete the history portion before seeing your physician. Ensure that a physician (MD or DO) has signs off on the physical. If another health care professional performs your exam please ensure that they include the name of their supervising physician (MD or DO).* Per CIF bylaw 503 the Physical Exam and Physician’s Clearance are only valid if completed by a licensed healthcare practitioner, defined as a medical doctor(MD) or doctor of osteopathy(DO) or their designee.

Most insurances will cover an athletic pre-particiaption exam once per year as long as an appointment is made ahead of time with your physician. Please call your physician ahead of time to make sure that a PPE will be covered. pay attention to when your current physical expires. If you decide to wait until the last minute you may go to an urgent care to get one completed, however it is unlikely it will be covered by insurance and you will have to pay out of pocket.

It is recommended that you get a physical completed AFTER June 1st for the following year (i.e. June 1, 2018 for the entire 2018-2019 school year). regardless of what season your child plans on participating in (i.e. fall, winter, spring). The earlier that you get a physical completed AFTER this date, the less interruption to summer practices for your child will incur. If you do not have a physical submitted by July 5th your child will be pulled from all athletic participation until they have completed both requirements above. Practices will start earlier than you think, I would recommend that all student-athletes complete a physical over the summer so they can start practice as soon as it starts.

Pre-participation exams are the most time consuming portion to complete for athletic clearance so please ensure that you are getting things done as soon as possible.

Physicals will ONLY be scanned and accepted once the portion is complete by each individual student. is the website that has entirely replaces our paper packet that was used before. A link to Athletic Clearance has been provided above. THE PAPER PACKET WILL NO LONGER BE ACCEPTED. We have sought out the best possible way to help save paper (and the environment) as well as make it an easier process for you. Start to finish takes about 30 minutes to complete if you have your medical history handy. Ensure that you are selecting the correct year and school. You are registering for the upcoming year.

Year: 2018-2019

School: Indian Spring High School

Sport: First sport you desire to participate in.

**Insurance: You must have at least a $1,500 insurance protection for medical and hospital expenses in case of accident or injury. Large deductible insurance in excess of $100 deductible does not fulfill the legal requirement for participation.** Insurance company and policy number must be uploaded on athletic clearance in order to be cleared for athletics.

There are 5 sections to that you must complete:

  1. Student Info
  2. Medical History
  3. Parent Info (Emergency Contact)
  4. Signature Page
    1. parents signatures
    2. student signatures
  5. Confirmation page with signatures submitted to athletic trainer.

Once complete bring the signed confirmation page, and signed pre-participation exam (physical) to the Athletic Trainer to obtain a blue clearance sheet to bring to your coach.

note: if you have multiple children playing sports you can add them all under the same registration account for


Your child’s grades will be checked AFTER submission of above material to ensure that they have a minimum of a 2.0 GPA.

*For fall sports your spring grades as well as summer school for any spring replacement grades will be considered.

If you wait until school starts to attempt to get athletic clearance taken care of, you risk losing an opportunity to tryout, practice, condition, or learn plays. You cannot receive any treatment from the AT staff if you are not medically cleared to participate in athletics. Please get all of your items in as soon as possible


If you have any questions about the clearance process, please Email the Athletic Trainer, Mr. Norton @